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I’ve moved!

My website and blogs are now all in one place at clarebest.co.uk I do hope you’ll go over there and have a look and please do follow my blog on the NEWS / BLOG page of that new website. This (old) blog here at selfportraitwithoutbreasts will be closed down soon. Thank you! Clare Advertisements

‘Eric Gill: The Body’ at Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft, until 3 September

Ever since I first came across Eric Gill’s work for The Golden Cockerel Press when I was a student of fine bookbinding, I have admired his art whilst feeling an intuitive ambivalence about his portrayal of the female body. So when Fiona MacCarthy’s biography of Gill was published in 1989, revealing (from Gill’s meticulous diaries) … Continue reading

Working hard in paradise

I have never before been away for two weeks to an artists’ residence or colony, just to write and work to my heart’s content, but I can really recommend Fundacion Valparaiso if this is something you feel inclined to do. The formula, to my mind, is perfect: each artist has their own large studio/room (if you … Continue reading

Welcome 2017 and bring on the Parsnip Soup!

Three weeks into the New Year and I haven’t broken a single New Year’s resolution. But that’s because I don’t much like resolutions and I didn’t make any. Resolution implies something that can be decided on, put to bed, removing all doubt. I don’t think life is like that. And one of the earlier meanings … Continue reading

‘Home is the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you in.’

I’ve always liked that line from Robert Frost’s ‘The Death of the Hired Man’. The Poem-a-Thon in Brighton on Sunday 11 December is raising funds for the Refugee Council which does excellent work helping refugees and asylum seekers – who have suffered terrible losses – find the openings they need in order to feel at home … Continue reading

from somewhere to somewhere else

I haven’t posted here for quite a while – I’ve been working intensely for the past few months on all kinds of furtherings – work and domestic. More of those in due course, as and when things reach next stages. And now we’re about to take a holiday! In the run up to doing that … Continue reading

Water, water, everywhere

Right now I am at the end of a particular kind of tether – the house rental tether. Last year we decided to sell our home of seventeen years in order to downsize. Having tried to buy various houses, each of which fell through for a different reason, and not wanting to lose our buyer, … Continue reading

Illustrated talk for University of Kent symposium on Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities on 21st April 2016

http://www.kent.ac.uk/english/research/conferences/artistsbooks.html This talk/article has also been posted on the BMJ Medical Humanities blog. I had been so looking forward to this wonderful symposium devised, designed and immaculately planned by Stella Bolaki, and to seeing the exhibition of Martha Hall’s and other book artists’ work  – which is still on until 14 August  (Prescriptions Beaney House of … Continue reading

Bodies on show

‘The Ethics of Display: exhibiting vulnerable bodies’ At the Centre for the History of Medicine, the University of Warwick, 21 March 2016 When I signed up for this symposium I was still thinking about the tricky questions thrown up by Lucy Lyons’ ‘Drawing Parallels’ workshop at UCL last year. The experience of that day spent trying … Continue reading

StAnza 2016 – a festive table

  What a privilege to be invited to take part in StAnza 2016, the 19th annual poetry festival in St Andrews. Heartfelt thanks to Eleanor Livingstone and to all the members of the team who every year organise and programme this outstanding festival. StAnza extends such a warm welcome to everyone who attends – it … Continue reading

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